Stop the never-ending questions. Invite your auditors straight to the evidence

We can’t stop your auditors asking the same questions that they did last year, but we can give you the evidence to make the answers easier.

Auditor friendly

Evidence for control testing

Reduce the endless audit questions and let your auditors access the evidence they need without bothering you.

Watertight evidence
Every task has a full audit log to capture who prepared or reviewed and when. Your auditors will love our audit logs!
Locked and tracked attachments.
Capture more than just the preparer and reviewer. Add document support which is locked at time of upload.
Auditors look but don't touch.
You select how long auditors are allowed access. While in your work space they are read only, and can only see completed periods.
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Audit-ready documentation

Get ahead of the questions

You know you'll need your year end balance sheet reconcilaitions so you can have them ready for your auditors to select what they need.

Balance sheet rec documents.
Just invite your auditors to your work space and they can have direct access to all your balance sheet documentation.
Manage your audit remotely.
You can manage your auditors completely remotely by attaching all your workings directly into your year end and financial statement trask.
Working papers ready.
All your working papers and procedures are attached to your tasks, so your auditors can answer their own questions!
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…and there's more!

Easy Month End is a complete suite of tools for internal Fianance teams.

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Audit evidence

All action is tracked and you can invite your Auditors to the platform

“Takes the hassle out of Month End work allocation, and we no longer have to roll forward checklists or chase the team for signoffs”

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